About Sweet Tooth

We had another wedding in October 2016!

My name is Kim Rosenbaum. I grew up with my mother making cakes. I was amazed at what could be done with frosting. In her day of making wedding cakes it was fountains and staircases! After she passed away, I was fortunate enough to have her baking supplies handed down to me, along with all of her experience. I did a few cakes for family and friends, but with my eye on the cupcake craze I decided in October of 2011 to jump in with both feet. I started my home-based business out of our rural Nora Springs home and have not looked back! Oh, I must also tell you my other job is a dental hygienist! I know it is a conflict of interest, but I just LOVE this new venture and I am having so much fun, just brush your teeth afterwards!

I must also tell you about the “WE” in this business. First, my very supportive husband, Russ, he does whatever is needed, washing dishes, helping pack the car, and running downstairs to get supplies. Second, our son, Eric, he is the planner of the group. Planning what we need for supplies, the schedule for deliveries, and for course he gets in on washing dishes too! Our daughter, Amy, lives and works in Minneapolis and helps out whenever she is home. Her most important input in this business is helping at festivals and flavor selections. She is always on the look out for new flavors and willing to try them out. Then there is Traci, Eric’s wife. She is a HUGE part of this operation. She bakes, decorates, and we share the same passion for this business. I definitely could not do this without her help!

In the past year and a half we have added two awesome guys to our family business! Andrew, Amy's husband, officially joined us in October of 2016. He has jumped in with both feet and is willing to help wherever he is needed. And then the youngest in the Rosenbaum family, Corbin. He was born into this business and has gotten in on a lot of baking days already. I can see the willingness to help in his eyes, or maybe he just wants some frosting!

We all hope you enjoy our cupcakes as much as we enjoy making them for you!